Visitors Checkin Solution

Give a Majlis Experience to your Guests.

Make a better first impression. The waiting area sets the tone for every visitor's experience. Effortless front desk check-in for your visitors


  •  Registration
  • Customizable sign-in
  • Custom branded iPad and kiosk
  •  Host notifications
  • Visitor screening
  • Block lists and ID scanning
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Photo capture
  • Digital document signing
  • Instant. Badge printing
  • Access control integrations
  • Capacity limits
  • Customized branding
  • Photo ID with enhanced security
Keep the waiting area clutter-free

Offices are more inviting when the lobby looks its best. Let us help you keep yours clear of papers, mail, and packages.

Showcase your brand and what you stand for

You’ve worked hard to build your brand—and makes it easy to bring that brand experience to life in your lobby.

Show off your logo

Add your logo to the iPad kiosk and visitor badges to reinforce your brand and create a polished, professional look.

Stand by your values

Security doesn't have to be intimidating. With eHaris, you can offer warm welcome and keep your office secure at the same time.