Visitor Experience Solution

eHaris Premium Visitor Management Solution for a safer,  smarter & compliant workplace

Manage your visitors and employees at your office & housing with Unified Visitor Experience System which is made in Qatar.

Provide Qatar's Majlis Experience to your visitors

eHaris Visitor Management Software is a hybrid-cloud based system designed to make your workplace safe and secure, while providing a delightful experience for your guests. The professional digital future of managing visitors, and hello to a streamlined and efficient system.

Ensuring the compliance responsibilities around the guests, employees and contractor protection, privacy and asset security are met.Data privacy where it matters​

Check-in with eHaris Kiosk

The visitor presents their pass to the Kiosk and they are checked into your location. 
It’s as simple as that!

Explore the Extensive Feature Range

Explore the extensive app features range like.

  1. Instant Pass QR for unexpected visitors.
  2. Contactless check-in for all visitors
  3. Self-check-in & checkout, 
  4. Mobile application for employee/tenant, 
  5. Touchless check-in & checkout using scannable QR code, 
  6. Realtime host notifications, 
  7. Facilities booking management etc. 

 Our app can operates in multiple languages. We can have them arranged and let your visitors choose their preferred language.

Other Features Include

  1. Pre-registered Visitors            
    • Pre-registration prioritizes VIP visitors and saves their time by easy check-in.
  2. Secure QR Code Scanning using eHaris Mobile App
    • Easy check-in and check-out by scanning QR code.
    • QID/Passport Scanning can be incorporated as per requirement.
  3. Approval Based Visitor Flow
    • Admin can configure the approval flow dynamically.
  4. Black List and Watch List
    • Option to add a visitor to either the blacklist or watchlist. 
  5. Tablet check-in check-out
    • Visitor self-checkin checkout using tablet application.
  6. Instant Notifications to Host/Visitor
    • Real time notification via Teams/App/Email/SMS to host, visitor and approvers.
  7. Common facility booking
    • Employee/Tenant can book common facilities through the app.
  8. Employee/Tenant/ Visitor Application
    • eHaris works on iOS and Android. 
  9. Attendance Tracking
    • Monitoring of employee attendance with QR code check-in check-out.
  10. Badge printing*
    • Issue each visitor a printed visitor badge comply with 
  11. Capacity management*
    • Option to limit visitors based on rules. Track occupancy with visitor insights 
  12. Delivery & Parcel Management Integrations

Provide one of many access credentials to visitors via eHaris – digital card, QR Code, NFC, BLE, Passsport, QID. 

Data Privacy Friendly 

Credentials are deleted automatically for one-time visitors after check out based on company retention policy. The solution automatically deletes credentials after checkout, blocking re-entry for repeat visits that aren’t expected and respecting the privacy of your visitors. Data Compliant with State of Qatar NIA & PPDL Laws & Regulations

Enterprise Friendly 

  • Easy online visitor management 
  •  Track occupancy with visitor insights 
  •  Self-check in/out with visitor app 
  •  Manage deliveries efficiently and conveniently
  •  Easily collect visitor information upon arrival 
  •  A contactless sign-in process for visitors and employees 
  •  Notify employees when their guests arrive for a meeting 
  •  Manage deliveries efficiently and conveniently
  • Interactive Dashboards and Detailed Reports
  • Staff visibility and insights
  • Multilingual sign-in
  • Third-party systems integration
  • Management of temporary access cards for tenants
  • Access data through our secure cloud.
  • Integrated with your corporate workflow including Outlook and Teams.
  • Banded guest invitations & mobile check-in
  • Data Compliant with Qatar NIA & PPDL Laws & Regulations
  • Can be extended to Parking Access. 

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