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Safer, secure and compliant entry solution for Gated Communities, Shared buildings & Events

Our Services

Visitor Management​

Welcome guests into a secure area by verifying the individuals and purpose. Invite & host visitors for meetings

Touchless sign-in ​​

Enter into any location digitally using a preverified digital ID.

Tenant / Employee Management​

Simplify everyday tasks for employees and tenants. Attendance Management for employees and contractors.

eHaris  Offerings

Digital ID Visitor Checkin App Touchless entry

We have a range of applications including Mobile based ID card, touch-less entry management system , Visitor Management system for Gated Communities. 

Intelligent Entry Solution for Gated Communities, Shared buildings & Events. Visitors, employees, and contractors in an Organization benefits from eHaris app to enhance convenience, safety, security, and compliance.

Software that is incredibly Powerful and Ease of access.

QR codes allow for daily check-ins.

Using QR code, you can reduce unwanted contact in the office and keep track of employee time and attendance. When workers scan the QR code with the eHaris mobile app, check-in and check-out hours are instantly recorded. Automated checkins using Beacon technology.

Our Features


Enterprises can customize the UI based on in-house branding.

Contactless Access​

Users can sign in using eHaris app on their phones to avoid touching common surfaces.​

Reporting and data analysis​
Learn about the number of guests, who hosts them, and more. With only a few clicks, you can export data.​
Notifications in real time

Notify users automatically when their guests arrive.

Visitor Onboarding​
Set criteria for visitors to arrive on-site and verify if they appear on internal or third-party watch lists before allowing them to enter. ​

Employee logs

Check out who's presently on-site and how many people you may expect in the next days and weeks.

Privacy Centric by Design
Data is only shared and when authorized by the user. We follow GDPR guidelines closely.

Custom API Access

We offer API access to our digital verification system to Enterprise applications.​


From our blog

DIC incubates 25 new startups and celebrates graduation of 17

The Digital Incubation Centre (DIC) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has announced the 25 winners of the fourth edition of IdeaCamp, held virtually for the first time in line with the precautionary measures for Covid-19. The announcement was made at a virtual ceremony attended by Reem Mohamed al-Mansouri, assistant undersecretary of Digital…

حاضنة الأعمال الرقمية تعلن عن احتضان 25 شركة ناشئة جديدة

أعلنت حاضنة الأعمال الرقمية التابعة لوزارة المواصلات والاتصالات عن فوز 25 شركة رقمية ناشئة في النسخة الرابعة من مخيم الأفكار الإبداعية بفرصة الاحتضان لدى الحاضنة وذلك خلال حفل افتراضي عقد بحضور سعادة ريم محمد المنصوري وكيل الوزارة المساعد لشؤون تنمية المجتمع الرقمي. كما احتفلت الحاضنة بتخريج 17 شركة ناشئة أتمت فترة احتضانها خلال عام 2020.…

4th Ideacamp 2020 DIC winners.

The Digital Incubation Center of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has recently announced the 25 winners of the fourth edition of IdeaCamp, which was held virtually for the first time, in line with the precautionary measures for COVID19. The announcement was made at a virtual ceremony attended by Reem Mohamed Al Mansouri, Assistant…

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eHaris secure ecosystem represents the next generation of Digital ID, creating a private & secure, smartphone-based storage for all the user’s identity credentials.

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